Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello and welcome!

After some careful consideration, I have decided to start a blog. This blog is meant to be about beer, brewing beer, my life as it relates to beer and brewing, as well as various rants, raves, compliments, and concerns.

I am 24, and have been a homebrewer for 3 years. I AM NO EXPERT. The majority of the beers I make are from a combination of grains and extracts. I began my journey in Chicago. At the time there was only one homebrew shop in the city. There are however a few more in the suburbs. Due to not having my car in the city (too expensive to park), I walked to the store and called a cab for the ride home with my new homebrewing kit, bottles, and ingredients. I started with one of those beginner kits with pretty much all plastic buckets. My first batch was an American Cream Ale from Brewer's Best. I was hooked. It was delicious.

In the beginning, I was only curious. Curious about beer. I had long loved craft beers and wanted to see if it would be less expensive to make them myself, rather than paying exorbitant prices and taxes. It was most definitely less expensive. As my knowlede and experience grew, so did my eagerness to try new things. This blog is another one of those new things.

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